Empire Media 102 is widely recognized as Africa's leader in Outdoor Advertising, having the widest coverage in the continent, and having been awarded as the best billboard company in Africa.

This is Empire Media 102

Leader in Billboard Advertising.

Empire Media 102 understands its role in driving cultural impact. We are embedded into the fabric of our communities and trusted by the millions who engage with our media every day, driving a strong relationship between brands and audiences.

We are leading the industry, bringing intelligence to out of home by deploying digital at scale and embracing new technologies.

Due to our in-depth understanding of local market demographics and Africa's socio-economic landscape, we are able to select the most relevant sites that deliver impact and reach, with little media wastage. Through our many offices across Africa, we are able to offer consistent international and local campaigns for your brand. We are proud to have ben selected as a partner to 90% of Africa’s most valued brands.

To be seen all over Africa, contact our media team who can assist you with selecting the right outdoor media for your brand.

Our Values

Our Purpose

We help people, places, and business grow stronger. At Empire Media 102 Media, we’re in the business of growth. Growing our partners’ businesses, growing the places we touch, and growing our people.

Be Bold

Always, always doing our own thing, without fear. As the cliche goes, taking the road less traveled.

Be The Change

As an organization, we will always work to be part of the solution - not the problem.

Our Vision

To impact every African Daily.

Our Brand Promise

Our commitment to deliver impact where it matters. Our media network leverages the power of the largest canvases across Africa to grow brands and businesses by driving impact, engagement, fame, and trust across every touchpoint.

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Our Impact

As the largest Billboard Advertising concession holder in the country, and an established outdoor media partner to Africa’s leading brands, Empire Media 102 has successfully worked with marketing teams and media agencies to grow, build and strengthen market share for their brands. Our strict focus on Out Of Home (OOH) media has resulted in the establishment of over 8,000+ of the most targeted and visible billboard sites in Africa.

8,000+ million

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